Sunday, May 9, 2010

Friendship for Grown-Ups

Lisa Whelchel's latest book, Friendship for Grown-Ups; What I Missed & Learned Along the Way is a very inspirational and eye-opening book. In addition to revealing her personal journey from childhood star ("Blair" on The Facts of Life) to pastor's wife, homeschooling mother, and public speaker, Lisa links the benefits of pursuing a true, intimate friendship here on Earth with God's Grace and love. As an avid reader herself, Lisa is able to use insights from other inspirational writers within the context of her points and ideas to highlight the importance of growing deeper in our friendships and not simply settling for a surface relationship.

The woman's group at my church recently hosted Lisa Whelchel, and one of the topics she spoke on was friendship. She was able to be open, honest, and inspirational all at once. As I was reading her book, it was almost as if we were two friends chatting about the hidden aspects of our deepest desires, instead of me simply reading a book. Often I would find myself thinking "other people feel that way too?" "I'm not alone in this?" or, simply feeling validated in my desire to be fully understood. She also talks about the importance of knowing yourself and being true to yourself. Whelchel was lucky to be able to take a two year break from writing to fully explore friendship and how to become completely open and vulnerable to the people in her life. By reading her experiences, you are able to gain valuable insight for your own life and relationships without the luxury of taking a sabbatical.

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