Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life & Miracles

I recently obtained a copy of "The Jesus Series DVD Read and Share Bible" through Booksneeze. The episode that we watched is called "Life and Miracles." This DVD is beautifully animated, with well crafted images and nice voice overs. It runs through a handful of stories from the Bible that quickly run through Jesus' life and works, helping children understand the significance of His life and the impact the He had not only on the people of His time, but everyone that lives after His death. While the animation was astounding, the delivery left a little to be desired. My two-year-old was bored within minutes, despite begging me to play the DVD the moment we returned from the mailbox. I do, however think that she will more fully understand and appreciate the DVD in it's entirety when she is a little bit older. I am thankful that there are DVDs like this on the market that help parents introduce Jesus to their children in a more visual way than simply looking at pictures in a toddler Bible. My preschooler tends to absorb a lot of what she sees on T.V., so I am glad that I am able to show her something that is meaningful.

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