Thursday, January 27, 2011

Read and Share Bible

When I saw that Booksneeze was requesting people to review a new children's DVD Read and Share Bible, I jumped on the chance. I reviewed volume one a while back, and my daughter has grown to love that DVD since then. It is certainly one of her favorites (and what Christian parent doesn't love hearing their child exclaim "I want to watch Jesus!"?). Volume Two has definitely exceeded my expectations. It is not just a two DVDs, but also a book. Each of the DVDs has 13 beautifully animated stories from the Bible. They are short-the whole DVD ran about 30 minutes, and at the perfect level for young children (my oldest is almost three, and loves them. However, she does wander a bit!). The book is just as perfectly matched for young children. It breaks down Bible stories into small segments-which will be perfect for bedtime. Each segment is printed on one full page spread with a wonderfully drawn illustration. I feel very lucky to have found this book/DVD set, and am even thinking about letting our church know about it as they give a toddler Bible to every child dedicated.My daughter, digging into the Word, minutes after opening the package from Booksneeze.

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