Friday, March 25, 2011

Grey Matter

I received Grey Matter by Dr. David Levy from the Tyndale Blog Network. When I saw this book was available to request, my first reaction was that it was not for me. I'm not into medical dramas and really don't like the thought of blood and guts. However, after reading the information about the book, I decided to give it a shot. Dr. Levy is a neurosurgeon who made the brave decision to pray with his patients. He describes how hard this decision was to come to, and how much harder it was to put into practice. I could feel his impatience and anxiety as he waited for the nurse to leave the first time he decided to pray with a patient. Throughout his experiences, his faith has been strengthened, and he has found a whole new way to love being a surgeon. He chronicles patients, their reactions, and any followup he may have had with them or their families. I found myself drawn into the book, and the chapters flew by-which was completely unexpected.

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