Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nurture Shock

I am currently in Grad School, and we used "Nurture Shock" by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman as our opening discussion topic. The chapters that we covered were very interesting, and I enjoyed them very much. Each topic is grounded in research and intelligently presented. The topics are all on childrearing, and are focused in a manner that could be used for teachers or parents with no problem. Topics include how to properly praise a child, the effect of lack of sleep on learning,
teaching children about race, lying, siblings, teen rebellion, self-control, and more. The chapters are a short, quick read that will leave you thinking hard about how you interact with the children in your life.

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Allegro Mama said...

I read Nurture Shock in a PLC in NR. I couldn't believe how shocking many of the chapters were. Though I agreed with many, I found it hard to wrap my head around every single idea.

PS, I totally found your blog while looking for my next book to download on booksneeze lol.... Tricia

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