Monday, July 11, 2011

Craving Grace

I received a complementary copy of Lisa Velthouse's Craving Grace through the Tyndale Blog Network. Craving Grace is Velthouse's personal memoirs of her life as a Christian, trying to do what she thought was the right thing to please God. She wrote a book called "Saving My First Kiss," and spoke about saving herself for her future husband. She tried many other techniques to make herself feel like she was a perfect Christian, such as fasting, but always failed in the end. Eventually, we follow her journey to love.

While I enjoyed the story of Craving Grace, I found it a little bit hard to follow. Velthouse jumps around in time, and I would personally have liked it better if it was chronological. She has a charming amount of humor about her life and what she has been through to get where she is that I found refreshing. All in all, it was a good book.

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