Sunday, August 26, 2012

Song of the Brokenhearted

Ava has a loving family, a beautiful house, and a solid faith.

Suddenly, her ideal life will be completely broken . . . in the best of ways.

Ava’s life is full of great things. Her daughter is getting married to just the right guy, her husband’s company has kept them financially thriving for years, her son is a freshman in high school, playing football and doing well, and the ministry she started is keeping her busy as she reaches out to those with “broken hearts.”

Then it all falls apart. Ava’s safe world becomes unanchored, and she is forced to face the childhood she’s run away from her entire life. Just as she’s trying to sift through the pieces, the doorbell rings and Ava is confronted with the surprise of her life.

Ava must set out on a journey that takes her back home—something Ava hasn’t done in twenty years. As she travels across the state of Texas, strangers offer her kindness and remind her of the meaning of hope and forgiveness.

It is in this journey back that Ava discovers God in a new way. She sees she's been hiding her brokenness behind good deeds and a safe life. Learning what it means to lose it all is just the start of Ava’s journey – as is the new song God is writing on her heart.

After reading some other Booksneezers' reviews of Song of the Brokenhearted, I was extremely excited to request a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. Although it is a very good book, I was a bit disappointed to find it not quite to the caliber of some of the reviews it has received. The story is solid, and the characters are believable, but I was certainly able to put it down and not be dying to pick it back up again. I did, however enjoy the ending and was slightly surprised at the final decision the family made. I was happy that the authors decided to show us how things were going with the family a few months down the road. The door is left open for a sequel, but a reader would not be left unsatisfied if there is not a sequel released. All in all, I give this book four stars out of five.

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