Sunday, October 14, 2012

House of Mercy

When Beth’s world falls apart, can she ever be whole again?

Beth has a gift of healing—which is why she wants to become a vet and help her family run their fifth-generation cattle ranch. Her father’s dream of helping men in trouble and giving them a second chance is her dream too. But it only takes one foolish decision for Beth to destroy it all.

Beth scrambles to redeem her mistake, pleading with God for help, even as a mystery complicates her life. But the repercussions grow more unbearable—a lawsuit, a death, a divided family, and the looming loss of everything she cares about. Beth’s only hope is to find the grandfather she never knew and beg for his help. Confused, grieving, but determined to make amends, she embarks on a horseback journey across the mountains, guided by a wild, unpredictable wolf who may or may not be real.

Set in the stunningly rugged terrain of Southern Colorado, House of Mercy follows Beth through the valley of the shadow of death into the unfathomable miracles of God’s goodness and mercy.

It took me a really long time to get into this book. Perhaps it is because it begins with the main character committing a crime and I was having difficulty liking her. After about 100 ePages, the plot started to thicken and I started to wonder how it would all play out. I finally found myself wondering about the book at times that I couldn't read. The story got a bit crazy and unbelievable at a point, and then abruptly ended. At the end, I felt unfulfilled and still wondering about how many things-a few of which were question proposed at the beginning of the book-would have happened.  Definatly a very disappointing "ending."

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