Monday, February 25, 2013

Asylum: The Circeae Tales

When Chase’s wife, Trista, goes missing, he follows a trail that leads to imprisonment on a space-based facility for the insane. Chase leads a revolt against the doctors and takes control. Other circumstances bring Trista to the ship, but when she encounters Chase, she is different. She calls herself Krissa.

I was looking through Booksneeze's offerings one day and found myself disappointed that there was "nothing" to read. I started looking through other blogger's reviews and came across a review for Ashley Hodges Bazer's Asylum. As I read through the review, the author of the blog compared the book to some other Science Fiction storylines and I realized that despite loving Sci Fi t.v. shows and movies, I have never really read any Sci Fi books. I decided to take a chance and request a complimentary copy of Asylum through Thomas Nelson Publishing's Booksneeze Blogger Program in exchange for an honest review. 

The synopsis of this book is only a few sentences long, and did not really entice me to read the book, however, I am thankful I came across the blogger's review as I really enjoyed the book. I found myself staying up late to discover how the characters would get through yet another harrowing experience. I was consistently appalled at the actions of the Legacy and amazed at the eloquent way that Bazer wove Biblical principles into the storyline. Bottom line; this was a great book. I enjoyed the characters, the story, and the Biblical messages. I would recommend it to Christians that enjoy Science Fiction and non-Christians that enjoy SciFi in order to start a conversation about Christ.